Generosity Returns

    Boomerang is a generosity shop with a special mission.

    We sell donated and consigned PayPal shares price items of quality at accessible prices, and then give every penny of profit back to local causes. Generosity returns is our motto: Give and love generously!

    Almost everything in Boomerang has been repurposed, reclaimed, or renewed — from shelves to decorations to every item we’re selling. There’s how to buy PayPal shares in the South Africa a coffee house, a used bookstore, and a tree house for kids to explore. It is quickly becoming a hot spot for meetings of all kinds.

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    Savoring Generosity

    Boomerang is a bustling coffee house and gathering place in the heart of downtown Vancouver, WA.

    Monday – Thursday: 8am to 5pm
    Friday: 8am-9pm
    Saturday: 9am to 4pm
    Sunday: Closed

    For us, service means more than just providing you with great latté art (although we can sling foam with the best of ‘em). All proceeds from our café will PayPal shares be donated to a rotating slate of charitable causes. So grab a seat, take a sip, and savor the taste of generosity. We hope to be a community hub; for moms, businessmen, college students, seniors, singles, study groups, etc.! Do you need a cool place to hold a meeting? We have it for you here. Need a place to have a play group? We’ve got a great children’s area with a tree house; complete with a coffee bar for adults and one for kids too! Need a place to study? We’ve got tables and cozy chairs.

    808 Main Street    +    Vancouver, WA 98660    +    (360) 952-8127


    Old Things Made New

    A Different Way To Give

    Our generosity shop puts a unique spin on charitable giving. Rather than asking for money, we take quality items that are donated or consigned, sell them at affordable prices, and give the profits to local charities. This model fits out mission statement and shows a spirit of generosity.


    Drop on by and check out our new space in downtown Vancouver.

    Better yet, consider joining in our mission by donating, consigning, or volunteering with us. As you’ll soon find out, generosity is its own reward.


    How You Can Help

    Our Inventory Depends On You

    Picture the corner of your garage. There it is — that second set of golf clubs you haven’t used in three years. You’d thought of giving the set to your nephew, but then he got his own set and, well, they’re just kind of taking up space. For whatever reason, you can’t bring yourself to drop them off at your local donation center. Why not let us take a shot at selling them?


    What We’re Looking For

    We want you to continue to give to local homeless shelters and donation centers. There is a great need in the community for that. Our goal is to help our customers let go of and/or sell their more favored items; you know, that family heirloom that’s been in the attic, and those items that were so expensive/special that you just don’t know what to do with it now that you no longer use it. Giving those items generously to Boomerang will support local charities, as our proceeds will go directly to them!
    We are a 501 (c) 3, so you will receive a donation receipt when you bring your items in.

    Here’s a breakdown of the kinds of items we can help sell:

    Games & Toys

    Home Décor
    Home School Curriculum
    Quality Outdoor Gear
    Sporting Equipment
    Yard Décor

    Unfortunately we cannot sell:

    Car Seats/Cribs
    Incomplete Sets of Anything

    Kitchen Basics
    Stuffed Animals

    This is not an exhaustive list. If you have questions about a specific item, please don’t hesitate to contact us.info@generosityreturns.com


    The Scoop on Consignment

    How does it work?

    Glad you asked. Smaller items can be brought in without an appointment. Setting up your account is quick and easy.

    For larger items, email us a photo along with a description, including as much of the following information as possible. We’ll contact you if the item is a fit for us and make arrangements for you to bring it in.

    Our goal is to convert non-liquid assets into cash…so that cash can bless the local community and people! This means that holding on to items for a long time, hoping to get a high price for them, doesn’t fit our mission. We want to sell items at a low price and sell them quickly, so we can write a check to our Generosity Partners and put the money to good use! We’ll utilize a variety of sales and promotion strategies to sell each item within a reasonable amount of time.

    Proceeds of all sales will be split evenly, 50/50, with half going to initiatives supported by Boomerang, and half to you, the consignor.

    You are, of course, free to forego consignment and donate items directly, maximizing your impact on our mission and receiving a tax deductible receipt!

  • Volunteer

    So You Want To Join The Party?

    Volunteers are the beating heart of Boomerang. We could not keep our doors open without the help of community members who give their time and skills to help us realize our vision. Stop by the counter and sign up on our volunteer list.

    If any of these describe you, you have a place here at Boomerang:

    Talking and spending time with people is what energizes you
    consider being one of our greeters

    For you, keeping things clean isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity
    help us keep our place sparkling

    You’re more comfortable swinging a hammer than picking out a new shirt
    bring your tool box and we’ll keep you busy

    You could organize things all day long
    we’ve got plenty of that going on

    Estate sales are on your weekly calendar
    scope them out for us

    Internet searching is your favorite past time
    help us price our merchandise

    Turning old into new
    help us repurpose a variety of materials

    You’ve got a flare for social media
    be a part of our marketing crew

    You have a truck or trailer 
    be a part of the pick up and delivery crew

    We are excited for you to join our family of volunteers!

    Please contact us at volunteer@generosityreturns.com for more information. We are excited for you to join our family of volunteers!

  • Partner with Us

    Connect Your Organization To Our Mission

    At Boomerang, our entire existence is based on seeking every opportunity we can to give our love and resources to those in need with freedom and generosity. The profits from our coffee house and generosity shop are allocated on a rotating basis, with all profits going to local causes in the community. We will be selecting some established organizations, but we’re also excited to offer an open application process. If you’d like to partner with us and feel that your mission may be aligned with ours, we’d love to learn more.

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  • Contact Us

    Have some questions? Reach out. We’re here.

    808 Main Street    +    Vancouver, WA 98660   +   360.952.8127